Hey guys Only just signed onto the forum and just got back into warhammer after few years break from the game so first of all like to say Hi to everyone =]
Anyways back to the topic. Now I know from the title it seems as crazy however Ive been having a few ideas after looking through the batttle for skull pass set (mainly at the seemingly useless pony cart )
I was wondering.... would it be possible for dwarfs to have their own calvary unit? Now many of you here will probably be thinking *boo hiss heretic* but it could be logical... dwarfs use pony to cart goods up and down mines so why wouldnt a particular excentric dwarf use these ponys to patrol the endless mines they enhabit.
With this in mind I was thinking that I may convert a unit to ride the ponies, what do you guys tihnk?
They wouldnt be particularly fast compared to other calvary eg movement 5/6,would carry a dwarf with light armour/hw/shield and cost around 18/19 pts.
Anyone else thought of this idea or is it just a youngblood gone mad after being reapeatdly flanked by pesky spider riders!?
Hope see what all your responces are =]