Now my eldar have gone past the 4000+ point mark I've decided to start a gaurd army to fight against them.
I have a question about commisars (Prob. really simple, but then so am I:confused: ).Before I start basing up characters...

When commisars are added to an infantry company, do they replace an infantry stand (with an infantry stand inc. commisar figure) so you'd end up with 1 commander stand, a commisar stand, and 11 infantry stands. OR are they added as an extra unit, giving a commander, a commisar, and 12 infantry stands?

The special rules section lists characters as an addition to a unit, but the commisar entry suggests they are a seperate unit added to the formation? If they follow the special rules, does that mean you can add commisars to Tank and Artillery companies too? (Don't have the book with me at the moment to check the wording)!