Hey guys.

Now I'm well aware of GW's 'reorganisation' of mail order and the fact that this has removed the individual components service. I accepted that as part of the workings of a company.

But. I have a list of components I simply need. It has been steadily growing as the months go by. It is obscure. I am not willing to buy blisters. It is getting gradually more pressing.

How long are we going to have to wait till the bits service is restored?? I've heard rumours that GW are using the term 'restructuring' as a euphemism for ending the individual componants range, but even my embittered psyche, with, complete with battered relics of experience and steely walls of resolve, can't quite accept that GW could have possibly done this? Components are CORE to the hobby. They simply are!

So to put it simply, how much longer do we have to wait? It seems they've been at it a while. And they WILL restore the component service eventually, won't they??