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    VC what they Broke

    In response to the whiny I can't adapt my tactics or change my army list thread thats ongoing, i thought it might be good to list the ways in which the new army list is worse than the old one....

    No vampire lord, (new lord is equivalent to old count) They're still mean, but not as mean as they used to be. (I miss my 6 S6 attacks re-rolling misses strigoi lords)

    Black coach dropping to US4, much less of a threat now, as it has to avoid most R&F, it is nasty when it powers up, but that can never be relied upon, and even when fully powered up it's still a gamble to hit a large block of R&F head on. Also it can no longer rack up the wounds, which also makes it more vulnerable to crumbling.

    Raising new units is a lot worse than before, as only zombies can be raised and their stats have taken a major nerf, also range is dropped to 12 instead of 18.

    Free IoN is nice, but assuming a caster takes IoN and Raise dead, (still 1 spell slot) they can do a lot less with it than they used to be able to do with the old IoN

    Ranked ghouls are nice in some ways, but the loss of a cheap skirmishing unit removes some tactical flexibility.

    Losing the awesome cursed book was bad.

    Zombies have been massively nerfed and can be a liability if not used carefully. Losing the option to use Zombies as a cheap character bunker was also a hit.

    This isn't intended to be a rant or complaint, I'm very happy with the new book overall, although mainly because I'd played the old one to death and was in need of some fresh material to make the game more interesting again.

    Keep the list going, just try to avoid any boo-hoo whiny complaints...
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