I have 3 or 4k of old tyranids, but especially a ton of genestealers painted in a motly collection of colors, and 6 or 7 of the old "screamer-killer" carnifexes. Should I sell the whole thing on ebay or should I strip it all down and repaint it and run a monsterous creature close combat stealer shock army?

I'm really lost with this army, I haven't touched it since second edition and especially the old hive tyrants can't be kitted out with anything decent since they have lash whips and bone swords, with no real alternate arms, I suppose I could tear all the arms off and put on scything talons or add extra guns though they might be a tad oversized.

I'm more leaning twords selling it though. As an all monsters list may be somewhat booring, and I've been playing my friends current version tyranid list and I'm not really super thrilled with it.

If I do decide to sell it on ebay I'm not sure if I should strip everything first since they all have wonkey colors or if I should just post it all up as is.