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Thread: New to 40k, seeking Tau advice

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    Cool New to 40k, seeking Tau advice

    Some of you may recall seeing a similar thread about Vampire Counts in the Fantasy section. Well, my husband and I were at odds with each other because I wanted him to try Fantasy, and he wanted me to try 40k.

    After reading a lot of posts here, the general opinion seems to be that 40k is a bit easier to get into and learn on, so I figured I'd cave in and pick up a 40k army so my husband and I could actually play together.

    Anyway! He's been reading something about smaller forces called Combat Patrols (I think they're around or under 400 points or so). We went out last night and snagged me the Codex and the Battleforce box for the Tau Empire from our local hobby store.

    He's been trying to poke around and find more info on what kind of Combat Patrol we could make out of the box (He found out the box was really good for making a few kinds of combinations for Combat Patrols), but he's uncertain about what kind of weapons the Stealth Suits and Fire Warriors should take. He's also a bit uncertain about what the XV8 Battlesuit should go with, and he wanted me to ask. His chosen faction is the Necrons at the moment, so he doesn't know much about the Tau. I'm no help at all since this is literally my first peek into 40k.

    If anyone could give me some suggestions, we would really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to hopefully trying some games this weekend! :chrome: I should note real quick I'm not a terribly big fan of the Kroot, so I'd like to avoid using them for now if I can.
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