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    Advanced Heroquest & Heroquest

    Okay, I'm going to follow Wintermute's suggestion and start a thread about Advanced Heroquest and Heroquest here.

    This will hopefully be the place for everyone who is a fan of these games to post their thoughts, opinions, experiences, and scenario/campaign ideas on these two games.

    Whether you are a veteran player or games master, a total beginner, or just someone who has no idea what these games are about, but would like to find out more, you are most welcome.

    I thought I'd start by explaining the fundamental difference between the two games.

    Heroquest was fundamentally a board game, which the whole family could play, the rules were very simple, the quests were not particularly difficult (in the original game, and early supplements at least), and the monsters were very easy to defeat on the whole.

    Combat was conducted using dice which used skulls, shields, and evil wizard player shields. Skulls inflicted damage on your opponent, while Shields protected you from harm if you were a hero, while the evil wizard player shields protected a monster from harm.

    The problem was that heroes had multiple body points (wounds), while monsters (until the later expansions) all only had one! Worse still, the monsters only had a one in six chance of getting one of rolling an evil wizard player shield to survive!

    The full list of campaign packs for Heroquest is:
    Heroquest Questbook
    Return of the Witch Lord
    Kellar's Keep
    Ogre Kingdoms
    Wizards of Morcar

    Elf Expansion* (USA)
    Barbarian Expansion* (USA)
    (*Thanks to Pookie and Gunmonkey for the information about these two expansion packs)

    Various other items were also released, including a set for designing your own quests, a computer game, and a magazine. There may have been more, so if I have missed anything, please feel free to say so.

    Obviously, Heroquest was never going to be challenging enough for a wargamer, so along came Advanced Heroquest.

    This is more akin to Warhammer in many ways, except that each characteristic is out of twelve rather than ten, and D12 are used, rather than D6.

    Movement, combat, and searching is all much more advanced than in Heroquest, and the monsters are all much tougher, especially when the heroes are at their starting levels.

    Heroes can be improved quite a bit in Advanced Heroquest, and there are plenty of treasures which can be discovered if you are lucky enough! (The Terror in the Dark supplement made treasure chests much more interesting though).

    Heroes must pay for living costs, can buy equipment, can train to improve their characteristics, and can also hire henchmen.

    Advanced Heroquest is played using dungeon tiles, rather than a board, which are generated using dice, or are laid out by the gamesmaster if you are using a pre-generated scenario.

    The gamesmaster also has access to a much wider array of monsters, traps, and spells than in Heroquest, making it much more fun for him or her as well.

    Advanced Heroquest rules can also be combined with the original Heroquest books, in order to make the quests much more challenging. This can be achieved with a few little modifications here and there. I will elaborate if anyone would be interested to know how this works.

    Numerous Advanced Heroquest missions were published in early editions of White Dwarf, while there was also a supplement called Terror in the Dark.

    That's my little introduction about the games.

    I'll finish by saying that I am a gamesmaster for Advanced Heroquest, I have run numerous campaigns using the Advanced Heroquest rules for Heroquest missions, and it is very enjoyable.

    So, are there any other players out there? How do you prefer to play your games? (Pure Advanced Heroquest, or a mixture of the two, or just Heroquest).

    If anyone has any ideas for this thread, taking into account any of the suggestions which I opened with, please feel free to post.

    I am also happy to answer any questions if I can.

    I open officially open this thread to the Warseer Community.

    EDIT: I've added Supremarchmarshal's rules on alternative monsters, which can be viewed by clicking on the zipe file, and then accessing the PDF. I thank him for all his hard work on these rules. They are valuable resource for all Advanced Heroquest players. If there are problem with accessing the file, please let me know.
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