RoR's have "Special Characters" of a sort in them but those are entirely different than the ones people have a problem with. They are basically just hero's *maybe* with a single, low powered magic item. In fact, they are often more a liability than an asset

To me, there are two different types of normal special characters - there are the low powered ones that don't cost any more than a typical equipped Lord, and they are fine to play with. They're nifty, generally look good, and don't unbalance the game.

Big special characters, however, certainly do upset the game.

Take Archeon, for example. You're not playing a game against a chaos army, your playing a game against that character. The same applies to Kroak, or Zaccarihus(sp). Those characters are NOT fun to play against in normal games. They do have a place, though.

We often play bigger games (3000+ pts) and deliberately take high end special characters, to play one against the other in the context of a full battle (as opposed to just facing them against each other one on one). That's fun, but only as a one off thing.

Most people dislike playing against big special characters in regular games because it just gets old and frusterating. Some of them have weaknesses, but not ones that all armies can exploit. You're ability to deal with the special character depends on your own army and their character, but that becomes central to the game, not tactics or anything else. They just detract from the game so much.

If you really want to play herohammer, just dig out a copy of 5th Ed warhammer, which was all about huge characters battling it out with armies that didn't matter at all.

... but, little special characters are fine and interesting. I never object to a high elf opponent field Eltharion or Korhil, for example, or a Dark Elf opponent with Malus (or even Morathi).