Hello folks,

Call me mad call me crazy but I am on a mission. Ever since I had moved into my new flat I now have the opportunity to restart my hobby in general and inflict epic for the first time on my unsuspecting friends.

The plan is not one, not two but three epic armies. These are Imperial Guard, Space Marines and Orks so anyone can visit, pick up an army and get gaming.

There are other things that need doing. I need a gaming table, I need terrain and I will need a workbench (great being in a new flat and having no furniture!).

Anyhow, enough babbling and on with the show.

As some may have seen from the epic forums I recently sold my soul and brought some steel legion from GW so when the fateful package arrived lets see what I got.

My freebie was a pair of dwarf Runesmiths, not sure how they are going to fit into this project (epic Squat statue?).

First unit up cleaned and ready for assembly is my Leman Russ Tank Company. I like these models but I find they lack the versatility of the multipart kits, still they clean up well and should not take too long to paint.

To be continued...