A thought occurred today, while waiting for the bus. It's something I've thought about for a while, but the question really crystalised today. Basically; is there actually uniformity and structure in Chaos, or is it imposed by GW as representing the Imperial view of Chaos?

For instance, consider the Chaos Gods. Four different aspects of emotions and thoughts, four different aspects of conflict and war, etc. Each Chaos god has a specific rival and arch-nemesis. Furthermore, servants of Chaos (with the exception of Chaos Undivided) tend to serve a single god. But is the definition of the Chaos gods really that simple, providing a distinct separation between the Chaos god? Don't servants of Khorne, steeped in anger and hate, experience pleasure? Couldn't there be a daemon conceived by both Tzeentch and Slaanesh, for example?

And then there's the hierarchy of the daemons. Greater daemons, daemon princes, "regular" daemons - is this a hierarchy that was created by the Chaos gods? Or is this a structure that the Imperium or the Eldar or whoever else has imposed upon Chaos, as a result of logical minds trying to make sense of something wholly unlogical? Is there really a distinct difference of greater daemons and daemon princes, or could there be something in between?

Lastly, there's the uniformity of Chaos. In my opinion, only the possessed Chaos Space Marines are a good representation of a power that deserves the name 'Chaos'. They are chaotic, random, with a giant horn on one side of their skull, one over-sized claw of a hand and a tentacle for a leg. Chaos spawn also has the same kind of asymmetry. That's chaos. But if you look at the actual daemons of Chaos, Bloodletters, Daemonettes, even the Greater Daemons, they're not exactly chaotic in their appearance, are they? Does it make sense for a horde of Plaguebearers to all have two arms, two legs, a single eye and a horn on their forehead? Shouldn't some of them have three legs, wings, no eyes and a second mouth on their forehead?

I don't have the precious tomes of ancient days, such as Realms of Chaos, so maybe my questions already been answered by GW. If not... discuss