Hey everyone, Ive recently started BB with a few mates and decided to start Norse. So after a few games, I like what I see. They can sorta deal it but not take it. The runners with their dauntless skill are sweet at taking down bigger guys with assists. And the beserkers are quite good with their Jump Up skill.

Anyway, does anyone have any pointers or tips or tactics with Norse? That would be greatly appreciated since Ive only started out and would like to get better at playing with the Norse team...

On an unrelated note, today I bought a box of 10 empire flaggellants since I wanted to see how they would look as a converted Norse team. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Should I have bought normal chaos marauders?

Finally, my list if anyone wants to see is:
5 Linemen
2 Runners
2 Throwers
2 Beserkers
2 Ulfenwereners

P.S.- This is after 3 rounds of the league

So any comments would be appreciated, as I mentioned I just started out and any tactical advice would be great .Thanks in advance