Ah, the Salamanders. They were my first army when I started playing WH40K back when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth (we carved Space Marines out of wood back then). But lately they've been languishing on the shelf collecting dust as I moved on to other armies (and ones that could win, something my Salamanders were not known for). So when Apocalypse came out I was inspired to revisit my old guards and refurbish them- on an apocalyptical scale. Nothing less than a full company.

Now, a Space Marine Company by itself is a worthy endeavor but there's a little more with the Salamanders. See the Sallies are unique in that they only have 8 companies in the Chapter, but each company has 12 squads with an additional Devastator and Tactical. So along with two squads of Command that's 132 models.

So, on to the models. The Sallies are known for being some of the greatest artificers in the galaxy so I wanted to reflect that in their armor. This meant including a lot of older mark armor and embellishment. However, I didn't want to just glue on the typical gothic bits like you can with other armies. I already had about sixty models or so painted and I wanted to have some fun with the remaining 70 or so that needed to be built and painted. So letís start at the top.


Attachment 37868

These were done mostly by just piecing various plastic parts together. I used the Mk VIII chest pieces from the SM and Black Templars and decided to use the Emperorís Champion heads along with the similar one on the Black Templar sprue as they look a little more streamlined and advanced then the Mk VII helmets. I also included the Emperorís Champion shoulder pad on the left arm. Finally I used a bit of green stuff to make the armored bit over the lower torso power cables. The rest is standard Mk VII.

Mark VII

Attachment 37869

Nothing special here other that some green stuff flames and unique poses. I was lucky to have some LotD models and shoulder pads, which go with the Salamanders very nicely. I also threw in some Iron Hand bitz for those marines that didnít have such a good day on the battlefield but lived for another day.

Mark VI

Attachment 37870

Again nothing special other than some extra work on the shoulder pads. Instead of using the studded shoulder pads from the SM sprue I made my own by shaving down the banding and using plastic rivets from a HO scale model company for the studs. Tedious work but well worth it.

Next to come were the fun onesÖ.