This is my newest tk list and i still have a week to tweek it but i just need some advice.

Tomb king in chariot with charioit of fire, collar of shapesh, spear of antarhak,LA and shield goes with chariots dah

Liche on the casket with 4+ ward hes my hirophant

liche with staff of ravening on horse to go with light calvarly

5 chariots standard and icon of rakaph ( with tk can take on most unit IF! i get the charge D6+1 and 2D3 impact = 8 S3 hit on 3's attacks and 2 S4 hit on 3's and the tk 4 S6 hit on 2's first round and also bring back a wound for every wound he does)

15 heavy calvary warbanner champ and standard

8 light calv (go with heavy calv and flank the unit has a liche to get the flank)

24 skellies with spears NO LA standard and musician undying legion

2 scropians (either tunnle to kill warmachines or can take on a unit together)

1 SCC (to sit beside the casket so it has something to cast on and tries to take out calv and low Ld units)

so wats every ones thoughts? and i know its small for 2000pts.