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Thread: Imperial Guard - An Edifying Pictorial of Progress

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    Imperial Guard - An Edifying Pictorial of Progress

    having run out of Praetorians I've decided to give the Kellerkind Teutonic Sturmpioniere a try.

    WW1 German style troopers in Space. I'm not going to do them in Feldgrau though, rather going for that brightly coloured 1871 Prussian look.

    That way they'll still look ok (I hope) aside the praetorians AND I can use them in VSF as Prussian Agents (read: Space 1889 Villains..)

    Still have to figure out a good fluffy reason for their presence.. but there's still time, not the fastest of painters, glacial progress, yadda yadda, you've heard it before I recon..

    ok, first consideration: scale creep.
    definitely an issue here:

    but then, compared to Mordians/Praetorians, anything looks big..
    not as bad against the Vossy..

    note to self: find fluffy reason for scale creep

    2018 edit:
    For the 10th anniversary of this plog I've started to go and fix all the pictures lost through that photobucketry. I think I still have most of them on some HDD or other...
    Actual new pics starting halfway on p.6 of this thread
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