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Thread: Where to find BoFA miniatures?

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    Where to find BoFA miniatures?

    Does anyone know anywhere that still sells the official BoFA miniatures that used to be available from the GW online store?

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    Re: Where to find BoFA miniatures?

    Apparently, they will be back in the online store by the end of may. Or so I was told a couple of days ago.

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    Re: Where to find BoFA miniatures?


    That's wonderful news, if it is true. Would you mind sharing where you got the information, assuming it is not confidential?

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    Re: Where to find BoFA miniatures?

    I hope that this is true, I'm looking for Smaug, elven cavalry and trolls and can't find them anywhere!

    But If finally this rumour does not see the light maybe I could help someone, I am selling some of them with 20% discount of retail price:
    Giant, bats, spiders, dwarf archers, and goblin guard.
    If you are still interested, please PM me.

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    Re: Where to find BoFA miniatures?

    This is sounding more and more like pure rumor. The news floating around was that the online Australian GW Web site would start carrying Specialist Games again this month. I contacted them and asked if that included the BoFA blisters, and this is the reply I got back today:

    "Sadly we no longer stock any of the BoFA blister packs and we are unsure of when or if they will be returning."

    I also saw somewhere else today that one of the higher-ups would like to see the blisters come out again, but it probably won't be this year. (Wish I had a link for this last one!)
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    Re: Where to find BoFA miniatures?

    You can still get the boxset from GW, the metal models look like they have gone.
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    Re: Where to find BoFA miniatures?

    hmmm? i tought there is only that 1 box set only:confused:

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    Re: Where to find BoFA miniatures?

    i got all excited when i saw the sentry box's web site list of bofa metal minis in stock but as shot down when i called, only had 3 blisters left, naturally i grabbed them. now they dont have any so dont believe their numbers if they still havent updated.

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