OK, it's about time I stopped ogling everyone else's minis on this site and posted some of my own.

All comments welcome. Bear in mind I've been painting longer than I've been taking photographs...

These are from my epic Eldar army, which is in the green-and-white of Biel-Tan. Some of these are re-paints of minis I've had since Adeptus Titanicus, others are from Specialist Games, and the rest from Ebay. As you'll notice, I prefer the old fashioned square bases for my infantry.

Since the army is finally nearing completion, seems like a good excuse to make me finish it off.

First up: Guardians. I've got two formations of these guys, which are each based around 1 Warlock, 3 Heavy Weapons, and four stands of Guardian Defenders. These formations have the option of being upgraded with 3 Support Weapons, 3 Wraithlords, and 3 stands of Wraithguard.


In Epic, the Biel-Tan army gets a free Avatar, who turns up to wreak havoc for a single turn before disappearing. Unfortunately, the only way he can appear is if a Farseer summons him...and you need to buy a Guardian formation to get the Farseer. To me, this is the only reason to bother with them, otherwise I'd rather spend the points on aspect warriors.