Ah well, another week another game system. In between plugging away at my WAB Spartans and AT-43 Karmans I've been lured back to the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. I was always a fan of the ruels as thye offer a completely differant tactical challenge to GW's other games (except of course the 'Legends of the...' Warhammer historical suppliments which use their rules system) and was pleased to see the game had changed andgrown a great deal since my last dabble with miniatures of middle earth (around the release of Return of the king). The introduction of so many plastic boxes (24 models for 15, not bad in this day and age) which make it posible to build a 500 point army for under 30 and the advent of themed and restricted army lists in Legions of middle earth have realy elped push the game in the direction I had hoped it would take some years ago.

With the chance to build a themed force, I've jumped on my favourite section/army from the books which was sadly, omitted from the movies: Halbarad and the Grey company of Dunedain rangers sent from the north to aid Aragorn (and later the army of the dead) in the war of the ring.

The aim is to have a model to represent everyone present in the grey company in the books:
From the Gre Company Army list
-Elladan and Elrohir
-30 rangers (including rangers of the north, rangers of arnor and dunedain)

and allied from the Fellowship army list

and for a bit of flavour and becasue I have loved the mdoels and wanted to paint them since their release I'm planning to add in a handful of army of the dead models (likely to just be the contents of the sarter box so the king of the dead and 9 warriors of the dead).

This should give me a fairlu large colection allowing for a number of differant army builds

This 'weekend' (tuesday-wednesday in my working week) I've managed to finish up 5 rangers of the north and Halbarad who, for reasons of theme, will appear in virtualy every list I've written so far. I've departed from my normal unified style to give each of the models a more individual look. I wanted to emphasize the individuality and self reliance of the dunedain rangers, whilst still keeping a cohesive look for the army, so have painted each differantly using a consistent limited pallette for each. It took some working out and more than noe case of finishing a section only to take it back to black and start again, but I'm pretty happy with the finished result. I've gone for a muted, drab look to the models (again in contrast with my preferred bright colours) to give them a more historical miniature look in keeping with (IMO) the reaslitic proportions of the 25mm minis.


a few rangers of the north, converted from plastic rangers of middle earth models by adding some cuts and rips in the clothing, as wel as some GS chainmail armour