Hullo boyos. So this is the beginning of a new army of mine.

Craftworld Ilyanor=1250

HQ: Dire Avengers Autarchs (2)= 164
- Power Weapon
- Avenger Shuriken Catapult

Elites: 8 Fire Dragons=148
- Exarch w/ Firepike

Troops: 3x6Pathfinders= 432
Troops: 2x10 Dire Avengers=309
- Exarch w/ power weapon and shimmershield (27)
- Bladestorm (15)

Heavy Support: 4x2 Dark Reapers=344
- Exarch
- Eldar Missile Launcher
- Fast Shot
Heavy Support: 3 Support Weapon Batteries=150
- VibroCannons

Craftworld Eldar-Ilyanor aka The Damned Broters of Saim Hann

Long before the fall these Eldar served alongside their Saim Hann brothers, following similar structure, only they're clans were led by mighty farseers and the culture was heavily dependent on their farseers: they were the most important creatures in their society. Many times they fought together in the past. Then the Exodites moved far and wide and fully aware of their impending doom were stubborn and refused to leave and fought as hard as possible to keep their daemons from defeating them. The Exodites were mocked and disdained by the Eldar of Ilyanor-they saw them as weak and cowardly. The Eldar of Saim Hann began to turn away from their Ilyanor brethran and feuds began to arise. On more than fifty occasions the farsers of Ilyanor and the wild rider chieftains of Saim Hann disputed furiously with each other. When the Eldar of Saim Hann fled, they began to despise their Saim Hann kin with even greater fervor. The Eldar of Ilyanor were some of the last Eldar to take to their Craftworlds.

400 years later they were sent a request for help from Exodites. Craftworld Ilyanor, on the otherhand, did not care for their survival and when they were dead, they moved in, slaughtered the seemingly numberless amount of Orks that had killed the Exodites and took what was left of the Exodites and used and abused it to their ends. The Biel-Tan Eldar hearing of what happened were enraged and a duel between an Autarch of Biel-Tan and a Farseer ensued- The Farseer won a stunning victory without the use of a single psychic power. To this day, it is still a mystery how he defeated his opponent. Alaitoc Exiles moved in to try and kill at least a fraction of Ilyanor for it's outrageous behavior. 7 Pathfinders are reputed to have infiltrated the heart of Ilyanor's craftworld, but were never seen alive again. What is known is that they did fail to kill the seer councils of Ilyanor. The Eldar of Saim Hann withdrew and relations remained forever scarred. The Biel-Tan Eldar forevermore refused to have anymore dealings with the damned brothers of Saim Hann. The Eldar of Ilyanor no longer seem to acknowledge the existance of the Biel-Tan, Saim Hann or Alaitoc. Amusingly enough more than a quarter of their entire armed forces are made up of Pathfinders.

In the history of the Imperium, these insatiable warmongering Eldar have been fought on at least 12 occasions the first by far the bloodiest and the most costly as they wiped out almost half of a chapter of space marines from heavy sniper fire and salvo's of Dark Reaper fire. They have also been seen battling chaos marines. On two occasions in an incursion against Slaaneshi Noise Marines, they intervened and cost the chaos forces many lives but in the end turned against the Imperial troops soon after annihilating the battered imperial forces."

What say you guys?