OK, so seeing as I have sworn off painting anything else until I get a decent sized (pun intended) Epic force done, I have decided to close my general thread and repost the army here instead.

First, a quick catch up for those who missed the original thread.

I love Epic, it was the first game I ever saw from GW. (Walked past the store and saw a Imperator poster and was blown away). I have been buying Epic stuff since before GW saw fit to remove Space Marine and Titan Legions from the shelves. My first WD was issue 188, which had a great Ork v Imperial batt rep that really has stuck in my mind, and I still re reald it all the time 13 years later!

Despite all this, I never really played the game all that much. I recently moved back to Bath, and found a new gaming buddy who loves Epic. Plus., there was starting to be a bit of a buzz again on the forums so I decided to dive back in. Yay!

So far, my list of Epic toys is massive. To keep me sane, I have decided to work on 1000pt blocks, hoping to do 1 a month.(I'm a slow painter)

So, here are the pics so far. Enjoy...