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Thread: Plastic Crack Rehab Clinic - Miscellanous stuff

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    Plastic Crack Rehab Clinic - Miscellanous stuff

    As you may have noticed, There are a few of us who regularly post on here who are part of a club called the Plastic Crack Rehab Clinic.

    The time has apparently come to have a thread which will be a place for all the random stuff that doesn't really fit into our existing army projects.

    Here's basically a list of our members (you might see us at the Damocles Gulf Campaign weekend later in May).

    Bob Hunk
    Lord Blood the Hungry
    Lucifer216 (yours truely)

    To kick it off, here's the start of one of my projects. As a Dark Heresy GM, I've been busy building up a collection of models. Now, the game has a problem in that unless you continually throw your players up against chaos or Xenos, everything they kill they'll pinch. Hence at some point the players may get far too powerful for most things.

    This is where the Alpha Legion below fit in (Oh and they are the power behind the throne, so to speak...).

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