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Thread: Waargh Gogwort by Lord Blood the Hungry

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    Waargh Gogwort by Lord Blood the Hungry

    being the only PCRC member to not have posted a project log yet and with darkstars immenantly on the horizon (ie next weekend) and panic painting in full swing i though it was about time to get my log up and running.

    Waargh Gogwort: the galactic conquest of the "mushroom of the gods".
    (figured as humans personify everything, orks being fungoid would fungify everything. so Gogwort = mushroom of the gods = prophet/chosen one/king by divine right)

    the army in question: bad moons

    we are going for lots of dakka and lots of flash.

    the army currently stands at 220 ish infantry 22 vehicles 12 bikes

    my rokkit buggies driven by mekboys these are pretty flash and pretty high tech

    these are the other mob of rokkit buggies, not driven by meks so as crude as can be:

    will be following shortly with more
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