I've been playing Warhammer 40K for quite some time(early 2nd edition). A while ago (a year or so) I decided to try my hand at Warhammer Fantasy. I have an Empire army (about 3000pts now) and a Bretonnian Army. I'm hit and miss with the Empire as it is, but I can't seem to win any games at all with Bretonnia. I mostly have the boxed army with some extra units.

Any advice?

1 Lord on Hippogriff
1 Paladin/Lord on Warhorse
1 Paladin Battle Standard Bearer
2 Damsel/prophetess models
24 Knights of the Realm (enough command models for 3 separate units)
16 Peasant Bowmen
8 Questing Knights
3 Pegasus Knights
5 Grail Knights
1 Trebuchet

Obviously I don't use all of this all the time. What can I add? What tactics would work with what I've got? At what point values do these tactics work at?

Thanks a bunch gang.

-Your Shield of Freedom