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Thread: Whimsy And Wonder, The Mister Feral Painting Experience!

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    Talking Whimsy And Wonder, The Mister Feral Painting Experience!

    (My attempt at a General Painting Log - take two!)

    *drum roll, a clash of the cymbal and lots of confetti*

    Hey ho!

    After getting ever so slightly tired of painting red and dark grey onto Chaos models all the time, I'm in need of a distraction to broaden my hobby experience past my Badab themed armies: Red Corsairs and Lost And The Damned. So I turned to the whimsical depths of my past gaming experiences and remembered the many hours of fun I had with the Lord of the Rings. Oh the fun I had overrunning my opponent with Moria Goblins...............*daydreams*

    So what has this got to do with here and now? The (recent) Harad and (upcoming) Mordor sourcebooks have piqued my interest in the game again, so I'm digging out some old models (well they reside under my painting desk, so not too much of a search ), giving them a new paintjob to match my standards now (which are in my humble opinion not so painful to the eye *audience applause*) and go from there. The LotR system has some really beautiful models which I feel I can now do a vaguely decent job painting. I also have some Lizardmen for Warhammer which I would like to expand on slowly (especially because of the good rumours I've heard for them in '09), mostly because it's a nice change from all that grimy 40K!

    So as you're probably bored of reading my gibberings, I'll hit you with some pictures, some are older projects from my previous attempts at a log, and some fresh from the painting desk.

    Lizardmen Skink Chief PIP:

    A simple conversion based of Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek. I've been working on this one slowly but it's up-to-date as I worked on him a bit yesterday.

    Lizardmen Saurus Warriors:

    Probably the oldest paintjob on models I've done that I can accept. Needs some tidying up and the front rank (not shown) painted.

    Haradrim Warrior PIP:

    A test paintjob I doing for my upcoming Harad contingent, for what I hope to be eventually an all mighty Evil force *insert evil laugh and slight twiddle of the facial hair*. I was surprised to get to this near finished state as fast as I did, you gotta love 25mm scale!

    So for those who like lists with the whole funky coloured thing going, here's one for you:

    Updated 18th May
    Green - completed (like that's ever going to happen!)
    Orange - WIP / PIP
    Red - Needs repainting boy!

    Skink Chief
    Saurus Scar-Veteran
    15 Saurus Warriors
    24 Skink Skirmishers
    5 Saurus Cavalry
    6 Chameleon Skinks
    3 Kroxigor

    Harad / Umbar
    Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar
    Suladan on foot (masked version)
    12 Haradrim Warriors

    Easterling Captain
    12 Easterling Warriors

    Captain of Minas Tirith
    20 Warriors of Minas Tirith

    And finally, as a word to any fans and well-wishers of my other log, it will still keep going strong, don't you worry!

    Comments, suggestions and well-wishing appreciated as always!
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