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    "Sons of Odin"

    (Thread edited 17/10/2011..better quality pictures)
    The"SONS of ODIN"
    This is a long Building Log . Some units are now completed. Lots of Character models are done and have been redone .Other units and tanks etc are well on their way .This log was started 2 years ago and is a treasure of mine that started life as a Games day entry and a small army challenged that has now amassed to over 6,000 points .

    The planet of Asgaard , had never been the same since the return of their fabled son and "Viking" hero Mannus Odin . A man of wisdom , stong in heart , ruthless in battle , a warrior and leader of men . Having risen through the ranks of the Space Wolves , the son of Bur was finally honoured . After his fabled exploits in campaign and battle and was bestowed the rank of Aesir Alfadir (Chapter Master) by none other than Grimnar himself on instruction of the Emperor. Sent home to Asgaard , to form his own chapter . Back on home , on the planet he loved so , where many Asgaardians had previously joined the Space Wolves , these men would now enrich their fellow brethren on their home planet and fight to protect their own and for the Emperor , in true "Viking" fashion . Born were "the Sons of Odin , the guardians of Asgaard"
    Asgaard a planet of plenty , its vast seas full of food . The mountainous lands with vast plains stored rich minerals beneath . Its people , great fishers and seamen , hunters and traders alike . Gifted in business and feared in battle . Living in towns and vast populus complexes such as Eorforwic , Bebbanburg and Lundene . A contradictory planet indeed .
    Valholl , the fortress of the "Sons of Odin " would contain a vast golden hall . This would honour the brothers fallen in battle and brothers fabled deeds in the fight . A place , for the fallen to be remembered , by the fold of many . This is where the chapter stayed until required . Building and training to be the best in battle . An army in bronze armour , pelts of previous hunting missions , partly covering their armour . Used as decoration and to keep warm on this cold , rutheless planet and as a mark of their toughness in battle.
    This is the making of a chapter . You will see changes in their look , from bronze and red , to the final bronze and black . The change of look , in endevour to find their own identity . ENJOY THE JOURNEY ,i t takes time to build a chapter mistakes corrected , the end result ..........You Decide!!

    Log edited , names of units added and units now to be re-modeled to meet the new Wolf codex . Norse marines with a new attitude in fighting ....Arrrrggghh!!

    Hope you like them, more better pics to follow soon
    First game played in anger for nearly 2 years (05/10/2011)

    transmission ends
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    "Sons of Odin - Guardians of Asgaard"
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