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    Arrow FW Newsletter #196 - Krieg Super Heavies

    Direct Pics:


    Death Korps Arkurian Air Filter Upgrade

    Painted Death Guard Terminators

    Painted Death Korps Engineers

    Quote Originally Posted by Forgeworld
    Hi There,

    In this newsletter we have another batch of new releases for you in the shape of our Krieg Modified Arkurion Pattern super heavy tanks, a few event announcements and some painted miniatures to show off. Keep your eye out for more newsletters soon with yet more exciting models.

    Alan Bligh

    Krieg Super Heavy Tanks
    Our new releases in this newsletter are our new Death Korps of Krieg Modifiied conversion sets for our Arkurion Pattern Shadowsword, Stormsword and Stormblade variants. These conversion kits show the field modifications the Death Korps regiments make to their fighting vehicles to enable them to better endure some of the harshest battlefields of the 41st millennium, but are equally suited to adding extra detail to any Imperial Super Heavy detachment.

    This conversion kit, which you can picture Here, is designed by Daren Parrwood and is made up of tank air filters, scrubbers, and an armoured shield for the tank`s main gun. Plus a Krieg tank commander, a Krieg driver model and a special pintle mount with heavy stubber.

    This conversion kit is either available on its own, or as a complete kit with our resin/plastic Stormblade, Shadowsword or Stormsword. Additionally we are offering a special price when you buy any three, which includes free upgrade to express shipping, (just as with our regular Arkurion tank variants.)
    Please note however that this conversion set has been designed specifically to work with our resin and plastic Arkurion variants and is not fully compatible for the plastic Baneblade kit alone.

    This conversion kit and the complete kits are both available to pre-order now for release the week commencing the 30th of June.

    Painting Showcase
    We also have some new painted models to show you in the shape of one of our most popular new releases; the Death Guard Terminators, shown Here painted by their designer Mark Bedford. As you can see, Mark has not only done a great job on these, but also used the pre-heresy Death Guard colour scheme and applied layers of `Nurgle-esque` corruption to achieve a unique look.

    Not to be outdone by the Powers of Chaos, Phil Stutcinskas has painted these fantastic looking Death Korps of Krieg Engineers to tie in with Imperial Armour Volume 6: The Siege of Vraks part 2. The Death Korps remain one of our most popular lines, and you can look forward to the engineers themselves getting some new equipment and upgrades in future newsletters.

    Reaver Titan Order Update
    Owing to ongoing high demand and the work involved in producing these massive model kits, orders for our new Reaver Titans are experiencing more delays than we would like at the moment, and it may be a few weeks before we can get your order out to you, but rest assured we`ll get your Reaver Titan out to you as soon as we can.
    If you have already ordered a Reaver Titan from us, or are planning to order one, don’t hesitate to give our sales and customer service team a ring on 0115 916 8177 within the UK, or 01 144 115 916 8177 from the US or Canada, or 00 44 115 916 8177 from Europe, and they`ll be happy to help with any queries you have about availability or dispatch.

    Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Launch Weekend at Warhammer World

    It`s unlikely to have escaped your notice that Games Workshop is releasing a brand new edition of the Warhammer 40,000 game on the 12th of July, and all sorts of activities and events are taking place to mark this momentous occasion. Here in Nottingham, Warhammer World is holding its own special release event and Forge World will also be there, with a special sales stand and members of our design studio on hand to answer questions and preview what we have in store for the future.
    Warhammer World is open as normal on the day so the event is free to get in, and if you are planning to come down, you can place a reservation with us to pick up and pay for on the day. However as time is short, if you would like to place a reservation, you must either email us at or give us a call on 0115 916 8177 before the 30th of June.
    More information about Warhammer World can be found Here.

    New Catalogue
    Our new 2008 catalogue has now been released. If you would like a copy of the catalogue (which is free regardless of wherever you are in the world), please get in touch with us at our catalogue request email address at or give a ring at we’ll take your address details and get you one sent out.

    Forthcoming Events

    Forge World will be at Games Day Canada this weekend, however we cannot accept reservations for the show at this stage.

    Forge World will also be attending Games Day Chicago on the 26th of July, Games Day Germany in Koln on the 27th of July and Games Day Los Angeles on the 16th of August. If you would like to place a reservation order for any of these events, please get the details to us as soon as possible, as the earlier you do so, the better your chances are of getting exactly what you are after on the day! Also, we are hoping to have a few Reaver Titans for sale at these events, but if you are definitely after one, we recommend you place a reservation for it.

    The deadline for reservations for Games Day Chicago is 30th of June, for Games Day Los Angeles the 21st July, and for Games Day Germany the 21st of July also.

    You can place a reservation order with us either by giving us a ring or by emailing to and clearly marking the event the reservation is intended for, in the subject line.
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