Alright, I have never played Blood Bowl before, but there's a league starting up soon and I'm going to get in on it. Without further ado, here's my first team roster. Please pick it to pieces, give advice, suggestions, etc.

The Cripple Peak Assassins
Skaven Blood Bowl Team

Manager: Ikspark the Warpsmith

Thrower: Trab Hemlock
Gutter Runner: Slythe the Sneak
Gutter Runner: Obsciven the Whisper
Gutter Runner: Skitter the Ghost
Storm Vermin: Bliad Throttle
Storm Vermin: Toxure the Blade
Lineman: Tricin Scuttle
Lineman: Sner the Leathal
Lineman: Sler Stabb
Lineman: Tress Sneek
Lineman: Kniven Creep
Lineman: Hin Creep

Reroll x3
Fan Factor x3

Total: 1,000,000

From what I've seen about on the Interwebs, this is a pretty good starting list. But I'm not sure about the composition, and as for playing them...well, I have no idea how the tactics work. Also, I love Rat Ogres, are they viable for their cost? It'd be great to be able to convert one and throw him in the mix. Thank you in advance for your help!