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Thread: Is the Webway Connected to the Warp or Not?

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    Is the Webway Connected to the Warp or Not?

    I always thought that the Webway was some sort of tunnel system connected to the Warp in some unspecified manner, but looking at some of the references I'm starting to wonder.

    The Webway has been described as neither in Realspace nor in the Warp. So... are they solid wormholes or something? I thought they reached through the Warp allowing all the benefits of Warp travel but without any of the attendant risks.

    If they are not in the Warp, how does this connect with the established background references that the Eldar 'perfected' the Warp gate technology of the Old Ones? I'm guessing that this technology refers to the Webway, but if the Webway doesn't link through the Warp, then what's the deal here?

    Or maybe the turn of phrase that the Webway is neither in realspace or the Warp means that although the Webway utilises the Warp in some way, the environment inside its tunnels is so different as to be somewhere else again. But then I would ask how this environment is so friendly to the Laughing God who is, supposedly, a Warp entity. It seems that the ouiter 'coating' of the Webway is inimical to Warp entities, while the inside is entirely friendly to them.

    Okay, okay, these are all just jumbled thoughts and questions. Can anyone help straighten this out for me.

    The latest reference to the Webway being neither Warp nor Realspace but somewhere else can be seen in the rumour forum under the Dark Eldar artwork thread. Incubi Lord posted a transcription of the Dark Eldar blurb appearing on one of the pictures.


    Here's Incubi Lord's transcription, the last paragraph being the most relevant here:

    The right side is largely too blurred to read (I'd need a better pic to read chunks of it), but the left side seems to say:

    "A shadowy terror prowls the chill darkness between the stars. None can predict their attacks and few fathom them. The Dark Eldar are expert at locating the vulnerable and the weak, and their devastating raids steal away entire generations and leave worlds devastated beyond recovery. These bloodthirsty corsairs care nothing for territorial gain or strategic positioning their (can't read) fleets exist purely to bring slaughter and misery, stealing what they can and enslaving any being they encounter.

    The Dark Eldar arose back in the distant reaches of time, during the cataclysm of the Fall that all but destroyed the Eldar race. Possessed of the (can't read 2 words) of (can't read 1) and immorality. Dark Eldar are an embodiment of the debauchery and excess that laid low the once great Eldar race."

    Right side:
    (Third paragraph is a mess - something about "Dark Eldar"..."humiliate all other creatures."..."pain and suffering for their prey"..."Commorragh.")

    "Piratical Raids
    To escape the Fall, the Dark Eldar fled material space into the webway, a labyrinthine network of (something) tunnels that exists neither within realspace nor within the Warp. The Dark Eldar use the webway to move unseen across the galaxy, (can't read a chunk) emerging directly from the webway (can't read the last bit)."
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