Being new to the game, I was wondering if anyone uses or has seen a creative way to transport your miniatures. I'm not fond of the time it takes to take each individual figure out of its slot in the standard carrying case when setting up a game. If I'm going to have to spend that kind of money (for the traditional cases), then I'd like to think that I could find an easier way to carry these guys.

One thought ...

I've glued some strong magnets to the bases, as well as the trays of each unit. My guys stay in place on the tray even if I turn it upside down. (It takes 1 magnet for plastic guys, and 2 for the metal ones.) I was thinking about storing the figures together as units on their trays, with foam between units, around the sides & top of the box they're in. (maybe have a few units stored in a shoe box, with the shoe boxes stored in a larger crate) Has anyone tried this?

Any thoughts?