Ok, About a month ago I have gotten back into the game after about 5 years. Before I mainly played Dark Angels (w/ Ravenwing) and Orcs though have messed around with a couple of others.

Recently, I have been playing with my friends armies but I am now ready to commit to getting an Army of my own again. I want to do something different both on a play and a modeling scale, but familiar enough to that I wont be lost so I decided on Chaos Marines.

The only Codex I have access to is the 3ed. one ATM but plan on going out to get the new one in the next week when I have a little time to do some model shopping as well.

Here is my question: I am trying to decide if I should create a dedicated Chaos army or a generic one, and if I go dedicated, which Chaos Lord should I create around. Honestly most of the Chaos players around me are not particularly good and build one-trick pony Armys and want to here some more experianced thoughts. This game being a money sink as it is, don't wanna switch mid-stream mainly because I want to get a good over all look to my Army including some modifications (a welcome bonus to this game) to challenge my modeling/painting skills.

Any suggestions?