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    Points Opinion

    I bought the Space Marine megaforce and I want to assemble and paint the squads in order of playability from small to large.

    The box set comes with:
    1 Captain
    5 man Command Squad
    5 man Combat Squad
    10 man Tactical Squad
    5 man Assault Squad
    5 man Scout Squad w/ Sniper Rifles and Missile Launcher
    1 Razorback
    1 Predator
    1 Dreadnought w/ Twin Lascannon and Missile Launcher

    I planned on doing the combat squad, scout squad, captain and Razorback to start off. I can push that to 400 pts. with suitable wargear and what not, but I'm curious if their might be a better rout or is planning on playing 400 pt. games way out of the ordinary.

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