Right, I appear to be jumping on two of the latest bandwagons here. What I should have done is make Epic Pre-Heresy Truescale Marines and it might well be the most 'with it' Log on Warseer!

Inspired by the recent increase in high-quality Epic logs springing up at the moment I was inspired to get back into Epic myself. But it is Epic with a twist. I have cought the Pre-Heresy bug in a big way, and Pre-heresy modelling normally takes lots of time and a well stocked bits box - neither of which I have at present. So I had a great idea - Epic Pre-heresy! The marines are small enough so that they can be used as is (pointy helmets? Mk IV rather than Mk VI. Other helmets - Mk II or III rather than Mk VII) and many of the pre-heresy vehicle designs from the artwork are based on old Epic models, such as the Dreadnoughts and Land Raiders (the Epic 40K Land Raider was the inspiration for Forgeworld's pre-heresy version). Plus I had a bunch of old Rhinos and marines kicking around from a previous foray into Epic many years ago. So, a bit of ebaying, a bit of digging around for my old Epic stuff, and the purchase of an Epic Ork Warband box from GW (44 new-style bases for £12, rather than 16 for £7 if you buy the bases on their own, with the additional bonus that I get all the ork infantry to make an Epic ork army later) and I was ready to start on a new project.

First off, I did a colour test to see if my planned scheme worked. I painted a couple of dreadnoughts, as I had plenty, and they are a perfect match for the pre-heresy style as seen in Collected Visions.

I was pretty happy with how they came out, so next it was time for my first Tactical detatchment.