Hi All

I am looking to start playing bloodbowl as it just something i can take with me each club meeting and play if i can't get a game of fantasy - that and the fact its extremely popular at my club. Anyway, no one at my club plays a chaos team so decided to do them - its currently 1 of 2 teams not being played, other being Elves (Pro elves). So, this is my first ever team roster and would just like some feedback from you guys so that i don't get a pasting:

1 Minotaur
3 Chaos Warriors
7 Beastmen
2 Re-rolls
1 Fan Factor - or just have 10k left over

So, what do you think? Got any advice for using a chaos team? I know they are a 'kill the opposition then worry about the ball' team but i have heard of people talking about 'cages' etc

All feedback is greatly appreciated