I want a change from my grim, cold determined Dark elves, something ridiculous and fun, with no fluff justification whatsoever, that provides reason for plenty of conversions and much varied paintwork, that will still result in a playable/nice looking army.

So here's my plan : everybody paints Goblin Wolf Riders sooner or later. What I want to do is make them up Golden Horde style. It would involve hooded fur coats, lamellar armour, long pointy facial hair, brightly, variously coloured clothes, golden everything, and every gob on wolf, with spear, shield and bow.

So I have a few questions :

1 Can GWR actually carry spear, shield and bow?

2 Has this been done before?

3 Is anyone even dimly interested in seeing this happen. Remember, every flicker of interest will cause at least one flicker of progress!

Much that resembles regards (and some that are, and some that will be)