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    Tyranids & 5th edition

    So let's see what the 5th ed gives and takes of our extragalactical killer bugs, based on the newest information on the rules.

    Blasts: The new rules work for as well as against the Nids.
    A blast hitting into a swarm of gaunts, is likely to kill much more due the abolsihment of partial hits.

    On the pro side, many units have acces to blast weapons.
    Raveners for example can get Deathspitters for cheap, which results in one S5 / AP5 blast per Ravener. Their meager BS isn't a big factor anymore.
    Simmilar goes for Spore Mines, Warriors with Deathspitters / Stranglers and the Warp Blast.

    Scout: Genestealers and Gaunts have acces to it, and now can alternativly come into game from a board edge. This can be very helpfull as a scoring unit might manage to get into the right position unharmed.

    This might also increase the usefullnes of the Liktor.

    Rending: Certainly one of the worst changes for the Nids. Tanks will be thoughter to kill and less infantry dies in CC. Feeder Tendrils will be more important for Genestealers now.

    Screening: Cheap gaunts can now give cover to more the cruical synapse creatures or expensive genestealers. Definilty a plus.
    Most Nid weapons have high AP, so in return it won't matter for shooting at MEQs.

    Run: Hopefully this will make the assult fex a more valiable choice.

    New CC Rules: Casualities can be taken from the back of the unit and not only the killzone, resulting in big broods generating more kills as they can all still attack despite being of lower I.

    As far as I understand, outnumbering is now used to generate extra wounds in "no retreat" conditions. That will make a thornback fex (US 20!) a killer against fearless units.

    Vehicles without a WS can always be hit on the rear. Great for the genestealers despite the rending downgrade.

    Scoring and KP: Bigger broods are a must to deny KP and being able to hold an objective. KP will decrease the usefullness of loners like Zoanthropes, as they are easy to kill and deliver a KP each.

    I'm sure you people will think of some more stuff.
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