I have just finished reading the new Daemon codex (a borrowed copy) and the thought I had was what was the point?

Instead of having Dark Eldar or Space Wolves or Imperial Guard receive a nice shiny new up-to-date codex we got a brand new army that in reality is just an offshoot of an existing codex (i.e. Chaos Space Marines).

To make matters worst it;s a codex that totally ignores the established background (e.g. God rivalry) and indeed emphasises a combined approach over god specific armies. And then there's no compatibility with the Chaos Space Marine codex.

So to clarify the point, it is quite legitimate for a Slaaneeshi Herald to lead multiple units of Bloodletters, but it is not Ok for a Slaaneeshi Chaos Space Marine lord to have support from Slaaneeshi Daemonettes (except as generic lesser daemons). Some people will say "play Apocalypse" but not everyone likes Apocalypse (in fact at my club it never took off at all).

The worst thing is that God specific Daemon armies are actually very weak when compared to the combined approach and are totally boring due to the lack of units. In essence it penalises themed forces much like it does in the generic crud that is the Chaos Space Marine codex.

The truly sad thing is that while Chaos Space Marines and now Chaos Daemons have a list, LaTD still don't. The issue here is that Lost and the Damned are meant to be the most common Chaos forces while Marines are less common and a full scale Daemonic incursion is meant to be a rare thing.

I even would've preferred Cul Legion books over a Daemon specific book.

The Daemon book itself has some very cool stuff both from a rules perspective and background but a lot of it doesn't have much of a 40K feel and seems more Fantasy oriented. In fact I suspect the fluff for the 40K codex might have been an afterthought after they wrote the Fantasy stuff.

The 3.5th edition of Codex Chaos Space Marines might've been seriously flawed but it's a much better book than the two horrid Chaos codexes that were spawned from it. Maybe the codexes should been called Codex Nerd Wallet Raping 1 and Codex Nerd Wallet Raping 2.

I will actually allow certain people who play with well themed armies (e.g. Cult Lists) to use the Daemon units from Codex Daemons in conjunction with their Chaos Space Marine codexes.