Hi everyone I am very new to blood bowl but our club has just started a league using the living rulebook 5 and I am playing wood elves. I played my first league match yesterday against Orcs and won, but there was something that disturbed me about the match. Any time he was able to pick up the ball all he did was put a cage around the carrier and slowly grind his way to the goal line.

Basically the way I dealt with this was to move out of the way and basically concede the point, my list consists of nine linemen and 2 wardancers and I was wondering if there is a way to break a nasty orc cage with wood elves. I was tempted to send my Wardancers in but I really didn't want to risk them dieing in the first game. Like I said I still won the game, but there is something about letting the other team score just because they mobbed around the ball I don't like. Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks in advance.