Well I have been in the hospitalfor the past 4 days.
I had mono....
My mother being the kind soul she is went out and hooked it up.
I had awoken to
Heldenhammer (already 200 some odd pages into it. GOOD READ)
The Vampire Counts Book
The Wood Elves Book
The Beasts of Chaos Book

I am greedily veiwing each of the army books thinking to myself " Which one... oh which one." You all must have known this feeling once.

I am currently wondering what I should do.
A. Start all three armies at once. I would go and buy a Lord that catches my for each race, model and paint them and continue on to buying 2 boxes of troops for each etc.
B. Start on one and out the other 2 on the back burner for a while.
C. Run a poll on here skim through my own thoughts and each individual army book, pick one and only one army and concentrate on it and trade in the other two books for store credit or return the other books.

Anyways what I need from the esteemed members of War Seer is this...
Tell me what you think I should do.
Tell me what army you would pick and why.
Give me a rundown on the units, specialities etc. of the army of your choice.
Give me some tips on how to work with the army.
Thank you for any and all feed back in advance.