I've held the new Rulebook at long last, and after having many personal questions answered about it, and fortunately relieving my fears of True LoS for my Tyranids. (So what if he can shoot my Zoanthrope behind my Gaunts? He's gotta' kill the Gaunts, all of 'em, to stop me from taking objectives.)

Things I think will make a killing:

Space Marines: Assault Terminators

With Entanglement going away and Land Raider Crusaders being as absurdly-good as they are now, a Crusader can tow around 5 Assault Terminators, a Captain, and a Chaplain. And with the ability to kill models from anywhere in the unit in CC, this formation will clean up. Running also increases their utility without Land Raiders.

Space Marines: Hellfire Dreadnoughts

With the Vehicle Damage table being more forgiving this edition, Dreadnoughts with Lascannons and Missiles (or heck, just Lascannons and DCCWs) will be a mainstay of anti-tank in 5th edition. Dreads are also small models, as far as Vehicles go, so they can often hide from the enemy much easier than Land Raiders and Predators can. In fact, with True LoS, Dreads can shoot at large tanks over Rhinos! And Dreads are also immune to the vehicle rule for Assaulters always hitting Rear Armor. Then there's running, and the fact that a Hellfire is not very expensive for the virtually-indispensable role that it has.

Space Marines: Attack Bikes w/ Multi-Meltas

These are just going to be stupidly-good anti-tank next edition. They're highly mobile. They have a good armor save and 2 wounds per base. (Arguably better than a Land Speeder when you factor in that Speeders can be penetrated now.) And they're small enough models to not block one's own LoS.

Eldar: Guardians

For once, Guardians being absurdly poor in CC is finally working for them! Anybody charging measly little Ld8 Guardians will likely send them packing upon sheerly touching them. Of course the unit will never be the same again, Eldar's best units are their Aspect Warriors, not their Guardians. The whole point of this is that Eldar weapons that have really poor range (Spiders, Wraithguards, mass-Destroyer Farseer retinues, and even other Guardians) will be able to clean up with their counterattacks. Aspect-free Eldar lives!

Tyranids: Biovores

When I saw that all Indirect Ordnance scatters 2d6 inches, my heart sunk at first until I realized that none of my armies have that. By comparison, Biovores become slightly better because they get nailed less by enemy Indirect Fire, while Biovore spores linger after being fired, making Biovores spectacularly-accurate at Indirect Fire by comparison. (And IIRC, friendly Tyranids never set off Spore Mines, so there's no threat to the spores missing and landing on your Gaunts.) Throw in the Partial Hits = Full rule and they become absolutely amazing. There are plenty of LoS blockers next edition (hills, bunkers, solid walls, large rocks / trees...) and I think that Tyranid players will want at least one of these pieces to defend their Biovores. A clever player might even try to use massed Spore Mines to screen their Gaunts (though that would require an absurd amount of Spore Mines!).

Tyranids: Lictors

Yes yes, easy kill points, but they're Tyranids. What isn't easy kill points? Besides, a 2+ cover save with Running and probable ID immunity doesn't strike me as an "easy" kill by any stretch of the imagination, and you can rest assured that many Tyranid opponents will have more pressing things to shoot at than a Rubberlictor anyway. Meanwhile, Str6, Rending, and attacking the rear of any tank ensures that Lictors ought to lay waste to any tank that isn't a symmetrical-14. And that's when used alone!

Preferred Enemy's changes also list as a Lictor improvement, as well as turning Flesh Hooks into Plasma Grenades on I6 models, but the real evil thing about Lictors is what they do to Reserves. In 5th ed, you can hold Reserves (including Lictors) back, allowing Lictors to be used as pack hunters. Why you would do this is questionable, as their purpose seems to be combat supplements, but the fact that they can be used like this at all oughta' scare the daylights out of Tau and IG players!

The deepstrike mishaps are pretty fair, and are much less hazardous than what I've been hearing. 1/3 of the time is the only time you lose the Lictor for full points. 1/3 of the time, you get it thrown in a corner, but big deal. The Lictor still has to come down somewhere valid (in Area Terrain) and that's not going to be a very popular terrain feature next edition, meaning that you can control where the Lictor could land by controlling where the Area Terrain goes. The third option is the Lictor goes back in Reserves, which is the best part of all because he just comes down later.

Chaos: Possessed

Yes, the "useless" Possessed are here. Why? Because Scout now applies to Dedicated Transports. Yes, that's right, Scout applies to Rhinos, so Possessed in Rhinos are going to be incredibly quick and choppy Assault troops, ensuring that each one of their powers is actually good. (And really, there are few problems that a well-timed Lash can't fix.) A 5+ IV save, Str5, Fearless, and Daemonkin on the whole unit without any Champions or Icons lessens the paperwork on maintaining a Possessed unit. Just pick whatever casualty you want and they won't lose any of their powers. And even then, one Icon (though I suggest you model the Icon small; d*mn that True LoS...) will be hard to get at in a sizable unit. Their small size for their units won't be a major defect, as losing a combat with a Fearless unit makes you take wounds by the number you lost by, and with Possessed, that's probably not going to be a whole lot. (Even less should you get Feel No Pain.)

So, to offset most of the doomsayers concerning how 5th ed will screw everyone, what currently-nerfed units do you suspect will get buffed into competence by this new 5th edition?