Given that a two inch scatter should be acceptable, a Fire Prism will be able (in the new 5th edition rules) to hit larger target vehicles (such as Monoliths and Land Raiders) roughly 65 percent of the time (and roughly 87 percent of the time if it is twin-linked to another Fire Prism) when firing a focussed shot! (1/3 chance of hitting w/out scatter, 2d6-BS for scatter, re-roll both dice if you wish on any twin-linked blast weapon but you must keep the new roles)

Are eldar players out there planning on using them (I'm thinking about picking one or two up)?

I'm also interested in how people think the new rules for cover will affect their utility. It seems like it will be easier for them to get LOS, but that seems to cut both ways.

Any comments or suggestions mightely appreciated!