Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Another month has gone by and it's time to post more of you Tale of 40K Painters work.

This is the official thread for those of you who are in the tale to post your monthly updates - same deal as before. Tell us what you did, how much it cost and show us some pretty pictures - feel free to use this post as a template. If what you did was nothing, then post to say hello and include some form of comedic image, if possible. This thread is also for any comments, advice or banter related to the Tale.

For the viewing public, here is a brief explanation of what the Tale is about. If you want an even briefer summary: Basically, it's a way to motivate lazy painters to actually finish an army. Every month, over 12 months, we post 200 points of our chosen force. For two of those months we are allowed to do nothing and play a "joker". That makes 10 months of 200 points a month, for a total of 2000 points. Right now we're on month 11, so everyone should, in week (or so)'s time, have between 1800 and 2200 points completed.

Looking forward too seeing what you've been up to!

Sam (McMullet)

As of the current time, the following painters are enlisted in the Tale of 40K Painters:

Heldane ( Space Marines (Raptors) ) : 1684 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Jim Reaper ( IG ) : 1594 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Marksekay ( Imperial Fists ) : 1705 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
McMullet ( Tyranids ) : 1563 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Meticulous ( Space Wolves 13th Company ) : 1412 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Norsehawk ( IG ) : 1336 points painted; 3 joker(s) used.*
penguin663 ( Death Guard ) : 1734 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Silvereye ( Eldar ) : 1719 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
SuavelyDunn ( Eldar ) : 2050 points painted; 0 joker(s) used.
Thoth62 ( Space Marines ) : 1518 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.

Total painting: 16315 points

*I know theoretically that means Norsehawk is out but I reckon at this late stage we can be a bit more lenient about such things...

Please don't wait for me to post my own update before jumping in - I sent all my modelling/painting stuff home to Shropshire yesterday and I won't be back there for a week. And then I probably won't have the internet for a couple of weeks... So I may be a tad late posting this month (much like last month).