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Thread: Praetors of Calth – Pre-Heresy Ultramarines

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    Praetors of Calth – Pre-Heresy Ultramarines

    A time of hidden conflict and secret warfare; when battle-lines were drawn and re-drawn between brother and brother. This is a record of those times, set forth by autolocutor Apologist.

    The ancient and crumbling Apocrypha of Davio, a relic of the Second Founding, lists eight successor Chapters to the Thirteenth Legion.

    The later Apocrypha of Skaros states there were twenty-three successors to the Ultramarines, but does not list them all...

    Herein lies the tale of the brethren of the Praetors of Calth.

    +++Edit December 2015+++

    +++Edit May 2015+++

    +++Edit June 2013+++

    A new beginning... on page 62.

    Painted pics!

    First off, this is my new log for a big ol' project that I'll be working on for the next few months – some pre-heresy Ultramarines.

    My goals for this project are:
    1) Improve my freehand and greenstuff skills
    2) Develop an attractive army with a backstory that links in with existing canon to satisfy my inner fluffhound.
    3) Stick to existing canon where possible, and make up fitting stuff where I want to do something fun and new.

    For this reason (and also because I'm sick to the back teeth of painting red), I thought I'd go for a pre-heresy Ultramarines army. Here's the proof-of-concept – a digitally recoloured version of one of my Ad Mech techspirants:

    The backstory will be developed (and justified) as I go, but the bare bones are that this army represents the fifth company of the fifteenth chapter of the Legion, who bear the honorific the Praetors of Calth, led by Chapter Master Orpheus.

    After the heresy, the veterans of this force will form the basis of the successor chapter the Praetors of Orpheus – but at the moment, they are simply some of the first of the new Ultramarines drawn from Macragge at the start of the Great Crusade.

    I'm sticking to Codex markings as far as I can see, which means that they'll be blue with gold trim (all the Ultramarines in the Visions series of artbooks have gold trim rather than company trim), and will use archaic versions of the Insignium Astartes (since the Codex Astartes hasn't been codified yet).

    Here're the right shoulder designs so far:

    The left shoulder of each Space Marine will bear personal heraldry based around the Legion symbol, as I want to reinforce the idea that each Space Marine is a hero in and of himself.

    Well, there's the ambition – let's see if I can do it justice!
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