... to see how my army, which began with the figures in the 4th-edition boxset, would translate. (eBay's meant I can replace most of the badly-painted stuff for little extra outlay).

Am I correct in my reading that High Elves strike first in combat? That seems a little excessive... does it work ok in the game, or if I bring out my High Elf army is nobody going to want to play me? It seems fairly powerful with the double-handed weapons of the White Lions and Swordmasters, and the extra rank fighting of the spearmen.

My army consists mostly of the Citizen Levy troops, though I'm thinking of getting some Shadow Warriors too (as I always wanted some back in the day, and the new models are good). I notice the troops seem to have got cheaper since 4th edition (when an unarmed elf was 8 points); is an army of mostly archers and spearmen competitive?

Any thoughts on whether it's better to spend Rare choices on repeater bolt throwers, or eagles? In 4th edition flyers were pretty awesome and kind of necessary to save your own artillery from other flyers, so I'm a little sad that it seems to be a choice between these two units. Also, no more pegasi?

Finally, are any of the elite infantry--Swordmasters, White Lions, or Phoenix Guard--notably better than the others? The new models all look cool, though looking at the statblocks for the same points none of them particularly jump out. Perhaps I should stick to my Citizen levy for now.

I hope to have a lot of painting time coming up at the end of the month, so may start a project log trying to speed-paint up the force!