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    Army Tiers

    So after playing several Fantasy games (and looking at tournament lists) it seems like armies fall into several tiers (I'm not saying that any army is particularly inferior to another - everyone always gives the comment that "Any army can beat any other army"). So how would you tier the armies? Some general things I thought that separated the armies were . . .

    - Win/Loss Ratio in games played
    - Ease in planning and executing battleplan
    - Ability to combat wide range of armies with single list

    Post your tier list and we'll compile the results. Here is the first compilation (numbers indicate average tier):

    Tier One - Highest Tier
    Vampire Counts (1.09)
    High Elves (1.36)
    Bretonnia (1.45)
    Wood Elves (1.45)

    Tier Two - Upper Tier
    Daemons of Chaos (1.73)
    Dwarves (1.91)
    Lizardmen (2.00)
    Empire (2.27)

    Tier Three - Middle Tier
    Skaven (2.36)
    Tomb Kings (2.82)
    Beasts of Chaos (3.18)
    Warriors of Chaos (3.18)

    Tier Four - Lower Tier
    Dark Elves (3.36)
    Orcs & Goblins (3.45)
    Ogre Kingdoms (3.55)

    Standard Deviations
    Vampire Counts (Lowest at 0.3)
    Ogre Kingdoms (Highest at 1.04)

    Would you tier things any differently? Would you even tier armies at all? Are there specific lists within armies that high tier, even though the army itself is not?
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