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    Diablo2 LoD Party.

    Well who's up for just one last time. Getting a party together starting lvl1 from normal to hell. No rushing just doing the quest, sharing items and kicking evils butt.

    If we can get a party started we can determen witch day, the name of the game and wich server.

    Ill take a barbarian to take in the hits and deal damage. Simple build, maxing in masteries and wirlwinding or jumping in the end. But I can go anything exept zones and druids.

    So the update:

    Starting lvl 1
    Playing your character only in the portent party.
    No equipment from outside portent games.
    No magic finding, as in killing bosses 10 times to get a drop.
    No rushing, doing all the quests.
    Ladder/europe/expansion/non hardcore setting.
    6 players max (otherwise it will get chaotic)
    Playing probably in weekends, so keeping all the same level.

    1. Str10_hurts (auradin)
    2. Kittah (barbarian)
    3. Nurgle_Boy (bowazone)
    4. Ouroboros (tankomancer)
    5. Inquisitor Cyarro (javazone)

    This is it for the moment, at the moment we are waiting for 1 more. Enter your class and role and ill stick you in.

    Or we could go with these 4 and be game. And getting it quikly of the ground.
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