Games Workshop don't make Epic scale Dark Eldar models, but there is an army list, so I have set about converting up an army, mostly from Epic Eldar models...

First up I have a formation of Dark Eldar Warriors, consisting of 6 bases of infantry, 3 Raiders to carry them and a Ravager for some shooting support. There is also a Dracon character added to one of the bases. In Epic, characters are added to existing bases of infantry rather than being stands in their own right, and they add their abilities to the base they are added to.

These were converted from Eldar Guardians, with plasticard used to add blades, and greenstuff for the funky Dark Eldar hairdos. There have been 3 versions of the Eldar Guardian model in Epic, and I used all 3 in this formation.

The vehicles were scratchbuilt from sprue, plasticard, greenstuff and a few eldar models for crew.

This formation costs 300 points in total, 200 for the Warriors and Raiders, 50 points for the Ravager, and 50 points for the Dracon. Given that a standard game of Epic is 3000 points, I have a long way to go!

Next up I have a formation of Incubi, lead by my army's Archon. The Incubi are made from various Epic Eldar models, with plasticard used to create their halberd-like weapons and signature back-spikes.

This formation costs 300 points, 250 for the infantry and 50 for the Archon.

Eventually I plan to have this formation transported in a Barge of Pleasure, which is a new addition to the Epic list for Dark Eldar. It is a super-heavy version of the Raider, so is much more survivable, and is a fitting personal transport for my army's Supreme Commander.

The Archon was converted from another Eldar model, and given the power claw from an Ork Nob. It's the only one I could find that was big enough!