Hi fellas,
I'm writing fluff to fit the back ground of my demonhunter army. see below.

The basic idea is this. This is a force commissioned by the emperor to hunt chaos when and where ever it surfaces in the empire. The greatswords are selected from all over the empire and represent the lowest ranking of the order. If a GS is deemed worthy, he joines the pistoliers, who are kind like probators. Learning to perfect horse riding and further proofing their worthiness. The worthy are knighted into the order and the selected few become the inner circle knights. The flagellants are crazies that tags along. This army will call up local forces in the form of FC and handgunners to fill the ranks.

What I need help on are the following:
Name for the order.
Name for the Greatsword unit.
Does Knights Probator sound good for the pistoliers?
Any other fluff development ideas? Any quesitons? The more questions you ask, the more detailed I can make the fluff to be.

Thanks all.

Templar Grand Master
-holy relic

5 X I.C. Knights
-full command
-war banner

Warrior Priest
-heavy armour, great weapon, war horse, barding
-Icon of Magnus

12 X Knights
-full command

Warrior Priest
-heavy armour, great weapon, shield, war horse

5 X Pistoliers
-marksman, repeater pistol

-Sword of Might, Armour of Meteroic Iron, BSB
-Banner of Duty

20 X Greatswords
-Musician, Champion
10 X FC
10 X FC

15 X Flagellants
-prophet of doom


5 X huntsmen

10 X Handgunner
-Musician, marksman, repeater handgun
10 X Handgunner
-Musician, marksman, repeater handgun