I'm a 40k vet looking at entering into Fantasy, but am also a rather poor student, so my options for buying a whole army is rather limited.

In 40k I play Thousand Sons, and so have a number of Daemons allready, and was playing around with what I could do using a lot of the models that I have already.

I'm looking for advice for playability primarily, have I set myself up to lose from the very beginning ( I don't mind that too much, but I like to know going in ) and what I would have most difficulty with. All advice is appreciated.

Lord of Change

Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch
- Skull of Katam

16 Horrors

12 Horrors

12 Horrors

11 Chaos Warriors
- Hand Weapon + Shield
- Full Command
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Blasted Standard

5 Screamers

Thanks everyone.