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    Warmaster Terrain Project

    The lack of decent 10mm scenery is appalling.
    So I set out to make my own.
    Just bought a new house and the gimp who owned it previously left loads of laminate flooring off cuts in the loft obviously the dumpit site was too far away for such an 'intellegent man'.

    Anyway rant over, so I have a long list of stuff I want to make and I will be using laminate flooring for the bases.

    Hills, woods, ponds/lakes, swamps/marsh, rivers and signature pieces for most of my armies. I also intend to make a few walls, hedges and fences to add to other pieces I intend to make.

    The main of these being a chaos waystone, a dark elf temple, a high elf crystal like the 28mm one, a dwarf mine, a tomb king pyramid and sphinxes and a lizardmen ziggurat and spawning pools.

    My first few efforts are here:
    Laminate flooring as a base using corrugated cardboard for the ploughed fields (half movement) and matchsticks and greenstuff for the signs and scarecrows:

    Here I used the ruins from BOTFA (defended status when unit is in the terrain piece) along with a matchstick sign post:

    Finally a cave entrance (this has a partner out of which units can move the following turn). Made using and old lump of polystyrene and some n-scale pine trees.

    Total cost for 6 ploughed fields,2 ruins and 2 caves around £3 for materials and an hours effort.

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