Having replied to a few threads dealing with the same topic then seeing yet another one i thought id make a thread concerning my concerns.

Many threads are popping up along the lines of "I am starting Warhammer, which army should i choose?". Are people so devoid of imagination that they can not decide for themselves. Here are some quotes from said threads highlighting what i mean.

In 40K i play as the Necrons and i was wondering if you could depart some wisdom of which Fantasy army you recommend i start.
which army should i start and what should i buy for it ?
Surely the army you should pick should be based upon whichever army "calls to you" if you will. The one you most enjoy the background for, the model line, the thought of painting.

Many are also asking for the army that is "the most powerfull in combat" or "the most devastating with magic" yet previously in their post they admit to just starting fantasy and so can have no idea of how the game system itself works. So how do they know what they want from an army in terms of playstyle, unit selection etc. Even more worrying, the advice given is departed from helpfull souls willing to spill advice about the best army and best build and what unit x can and has done for them many times. They fail to mention their regular opponent is army z and that the tactic they are imparting is useless (or much less effective) against a different foe.

What im trying to say is that it seems people (most i notice moving over from 40k) are looking for certain builds of armies that can do certain things. "I want an army that can deal punishment and have strong artillery, what do you suggest?". What ever happened to getting an army you like that fires your imagination? "Wow stout warriors who remember wrongs done against them and stoically defend their crumbling empire" or "Wow, greenskinned hordes with wacky machines that have no concept of an empire and live for war"

Once you decide an army you should look through the book and buy a core unit or two. Then play them against people in your area. This is important. The armys you play and tactics your opponents use will shape and mould your own tactics and army build.

Am i ranting on or is this a change in how people look at the game. Rather than "I want to play as Vampire Counts because i think they are cool and i like where they fit in the fantasy world" is it now "I want to play an army that can deal in close combat and i dont care which one it is out of these three or four, which do you think is the best and what should i buy for them?"

Where is the army love people, and whats more wheres all the imagination gone.