Hi guys!

A (very) short prelude:

Quite some time ago ekxw (the man whom you should know at least from this splendid dwarf/HE log a dwarf painting project) proposed me to paint at the same time with him the Avatars of War slayer model, one of the various masterpieces scuplted by Felix Paniagua.
I obviously agreed and today, after some delays caused by study/generic real life events/painting of other minis (at least by my side), we finally decided to start the project.

Since we plan to paint our respective slayers up to the highest standard we can achieve, we'll both look for advices and critics so, if you have any, don't hesitate and post it .

For mine, I will use a mordheim slayer as a "test" mini for all the colours: when I'll complete one tone, I'll post pics to get your impressions and then I'll transpose that tone to the AoW one. This is just to avoid the risk of getting a colour done wrong and having to strip/repaint the model... usually when I paint a piece for display I use this method.

And, just to start asking a question : the rear of the hair of my slayer is hideously flat... I wonder if mine is a miscast (no, not a double 1) piece?

BTW, if you're interested in the project, come in! Subscriptions are open and free !